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Because it requires no mechanical linkages for operation, an electromagnetic clutch provides faster, smoother rotational power transmission than a traditional mechanical clutch. Electromagnetic clutches are electrically operated, but transmit torque mechanically (as such, they are also often referred to as electro-mechanical clutches).

While electromagnetic clutches transmit rotary motion, electromagnetic brakes do the opposite: they slow or stop motion and hold machinery in a stationary position. EM brakes use electromagnetic force to apply mechanical resistance. Like EM clutches, EM brakes are operated electrically, but function mechanically. When voltage is applied to the stator coil, an electromagnetic force pulls the armature to the stator, engaging frictions surfaces. They are also known as electro-mechanical brakes or power-on brakes.

Spring-applied brakes are a power-off engaged type, meaning that when there is no voltage applied to the stator coil, compression springs act on an armature plate, thereby compressing the rotor disc and halting movement. When voltage is applied, an electromagnetic field is introduced and pulls the armature plate toward the stator, overcoming compression spring force and producing a gap between the rotor disc and the opposing plates. The rotor disc is free to move, offering bi-directional rotation. These brake systems are ideal for robotic arms and Z-axis ball screw applications.

Electromagnetic clutches and electromagnetic brakes feature many of the same basic components: a copper-wire coil, potted with epoxy, inside a metal stator (most often steel alloy for strength and corrosion resistant properties), a hub, and an armature. The main difference is that EM clutches include a rotor. When magnetized, the rotor engages the armature, which may be connected to a driven shaft, sprocket, or timing belt pulley. This transmits force from the input shaft to the rotor to the armature to device attached to the armature.

Miki Pulley’s EM Clutches & EM Brakes

Miki Pulley offers a full line of electromagnetic clutches and electromagnetic brakes to provide accurate control for a wide variety of industrial machinery and equipment. Our EM clutches, brakes, and clutch-brake combo units are ideal for stepped speed-changing mechanisms, switching between forward and reverse operation, positioning/indexing, inching, and other demanding applications. Miki Pulley electromagnetic brakes and clutches feature innovative designs and precision engineering, but are easy to use and maintain for a long and reliable working life.

Micro Clutches and Brakes

Micro Clutches

Micro Clutches and Brakes

Micro Brakes

Actuated Type Clutches and Brakes

Actuated Clutches

Actuated Type Clutches and Brakes

Actuated Brakes

Spring Actuated Brakes

Spring Actuated Brakes

Electromagnetic Tooth Clutches

Electromagnetic Tooth Clutches

Clutch/Brake Combination Units

Clutch & Brake Combo Units


Electromagnetic Micro-Clutches & Electromagnetic Micro-Brakes

Miki Pulley’s electromagnetic micro-clutches and electromagnetic micro-brakes are ideal for compact precision equipment where consistent torque and response are essential. Common applications include office equipment, ATMs, weighing and packaging equipment, communications devices, and optical equipment. They provide brake torque up to 1.770 ft/lb (2.4Nm), with zero backlash.  We offer standard models are available in a range of sizes and mounting styles, as well as custom models that can be tailored to your specific application.

Electromagnetic Actuated Clutches & Electromagnetic Actuated Brakes

Our electromagnetic actuated clutches and electromagnetic actuated brakes are durable, versatile, and available in multiple configurations to meet your application and performance requirements. These devices are ideal for sudden stops, and provide brake torque up to 236.02 ft/lb (320Nm), with zero backlash. Our EM actuated brakes and EM actuated clutches are used by many well-known OEMs. Shaft and flange mounted models are available.

Electro-Mechanical Spring Actuated Type Brakes

Electromagnetic spring actuated brakes provide excellent performance in backup braking situations when power goes out and in long-term holding. These devices are actuated by the force of springs when not electrically energized, making them ideal for equipment that requires power-off engaged brakes. Advantages include quiet operation, long service life, low profile size, high holding torque, stable braking force, and manual-release capabilities. Models are available for braking, holding, and both. Miki Pulley offers numerous standard models of spring actuated electromagnetic brakes, as well as custom models.

Electro-Mechanical Tooth Clutches

Our electromagnetic tooth clutches utilize a series of interlocking teeth to provide high torque and reliable transmission. Their unique design enables these EM clutches to transmit very high torque (five to ten times our dry-type single-disc EM clutches) in a compact form factor. We offer both full position tooth clutches, which engage everywhere around their circumference, and single position tooth clutches, which engage at a set position (one location per revolution).

EM Clutch & Brake Combo Units

Miki Pulley’s electromagnetic clutch and brake combo units combine connection and release functions in a compact form factor. Ideal for complex motion control applications, these EM brake/clutch units are available in numerous configurations, including models with motor, reducer, clutch, and brake in one for a complete turnkey solution.

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Miki Pulley’s EM clutches and EM brakes are ideal for any application that requires rotational power to be disengaged, reengaged, stopped, or constrained. Request a quote on the clutch or brake you need, or contact us for more information.