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Resonance Dampening Couplings

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Resonance Couplings

Stepflex coupling
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This coupling was designed specifically to combat vibration and resonance in stepper and servo motors applications. The Step-Flex features an innovative combination of an HNBR (black) rubber element flanked by smaller, softer laminated (green) spacers.  This unique design quickly dampens oscillations, thereby suppressing resonance phenomena.  This also eliminates the need for feedback loop controls.  The machined aluminum hubs offer a low moment of inertia, and are available in clamp style bores. 
※ Patent pending

  • Maximum working torque:  4.42 ft/lb  (6Nm)
  • Hole finished product: 0.118” ~ 0.629”  (3mm ~ 16mm)
  • Backlash: Zero  
To view Step-Flex videos, click here.

Stepflex exploded detail