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Miki Pulley is a world class brand that established its business roots by providing variable speed belt drives to the burgeoning Asian machine industry several decades ago. Over time, our product line has evolved to serve many more facets of the machine and manufacturing market worldwide. With offices, production facilities, and partner companies spanning the globe, our customer service and Engineering expertise is at the forefront of the world market.

We collaborate with Design Engineers to identify the most efficient and cost effective solutions for their rotary motion control and mechatronic applications. Our zero-backlash coupling line includes: jaw & spider typehigh performance servo type, and high speed metal plate spring couplingsPositive shaft locking devices also bring a very simple, but important element to our product offering. Clutches and brakes round out our compliment of solutions. CAD files for our equipment are available for immediate download.

Motion Control Products

Shaft Couplings Shaft/Hub Locking Devices Clutches and Brakes

Shaft Couplings

Shaft / Hub Locking Devices

Clutches and Brakes

Speed Control

Industries Served

Machine Tool Industries Industrial Automation Industries Packaging Equipment Industrial Robots

  Machine Tool

  Industrial Automation

  Packaging Equipment

  Industrial Robots

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