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Magnetic couplings are shaft couplings that use a magnetic field instead of a physical mechanical connection to transmit torque from one shaft to another. They are non-contact and utilize attraction and repulsion of the magnetic poles to transmit rotational power. Magnetic couplers tolerate large misalignments and produce no noise, vibration or thermal conduction.

Non-contact synchronous couplings have a softer start and stop function than most standard couplings and can be used as a torque limiting device since there are no mechanically engaged parts. They can be used in a linear or rotary configuration and are suitable for use in wet or harsh environments. Magnetic couplings are a common choice for mechanical applications including transmissions, pumps, compressors and assembly systems.

The design and performance of permanent magnetic shaft couplings from Miki Pulley allows for zero wear and dust generation and the configurations are versatile for use in various engagement angles and installations. You can also adjust the maximum transmittable torque by increasing or decreasing the distance between the two hubs. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Provides high flexibility
  • Absorbs vibration and impact
  • Torque ranging from 2.66 in-lbs. to 1610 in-lbs. (0.3 Nm to 182 Nm)
  • Bore sizes range from 0.325” to 2.16” (8mm to 55mm)

Miki Pulley offers magnetic shaft couplings in four styles to meet your requirements. Request a quote for non-contact couplings or contact us to discuss which option is best for your application.