Motion Control Solutions for Printing Machine Applications

High-speed printing machinery is almost always running at full speed, or close to it, so precise motion control is key. Even the most minute shaft misalignments can lead to stacks of unusable products or worse—total equipment failure.

Miki Pulley engineers and manufactures high-performance motion control solutions for industrial printers and machines. Our designs offer the high torsional rigidity and precise motion control required for demanding, high-speed applications. 

Zero Backlash Printing Applications

Zero Backlash Printing Applications

In the example above, a Miki Pulley PSL shaft lock bushing and SFC precision coupling are used to control large rollers within a printing machine. The devices work in tandem to improve the equipment’s performance and efficiency while reducing wear and tear on its moving parts.
Another common printing machine application uses SFH precision disc couplings and EM power-off engaged brakes to maintain paper tension in web handling machines.

Dampen Vibration with High-Precision Shaft Couplings

The zero-backlash SFC servo shaft coupling utilizes metal plate springs to provide high torsional rigidity while dampening vibration. A flexible element gap also dampens conductive heat transfer from the motor to the output shaft.
PSL shaft lock bushings connect the shaft and hub using the wedging action of the PSL’s tapered surface. This positive locking device provides even radial surface pressure and higher torque value, and installs quickly and easily.

Achieve Reliable Holding and Braking with Electromagnetic Brakes

Electromagnetic spring actuated brakes provide fail-safe braking and holding when power is disengaged. The high holding-torque and quiet operation make them an ideal printing machine motion control solution. This brake lineup has several models and sizes to accommodate heavy-duty printing machine applications.

High-Performance Designs Improve Industrial Printing Machine Performance

Miki Pulley helps industrial printer OEMs solve common mechanical challenges with our reliable, high-performance motion control solutions. We offer a range of standard products, and can work with you to design custom solutions for your industrial printing equipment.
Explore our products online or contact our engineers to learn more about precision shaft couplings, shaft lock bushings, and other motion control components for your printing equipment.