Miki Pulley Japan

Miki Pulley Technical Center in Tokyo

Over the course of several decades, Miki Pulley has established worldwide business relationships.  In Asia, we supply to top-tier, world renowned companies.

Several decades ago in Tokyo, we established our industrial roots by providing variable speed belt drives to the Asian manufacturing industry.  Our product offering has expanded considerably over the years to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. 

Our worldwide offices and production facilities are located in the U.S., Europe, China, Taiwan, India, South Korea, with multiple production facilities and headquarters residing in Japan.

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Growing through the 21th century, we developed international partnerships with other motion control companies to foster a worldwide presence.  Always striving for efficiency and quality, we continue to evolve to meet the ever changing industry requirements to ensure our customers are provided with latest technology at competitive prices. 

With decades of practical application experience, our Engineers are capable of designing new product solutions if it is not currently available off the shelf.

Many Asian OEM’s currently utilize Miki Pulley mechatronic components.  With emergent worldwide popularity, demand has increased in North America.  Recognizing this growing need to serve these customers, Miki Pulley is now offering factory direct pricing to OEMs in North America.