CNC Lathe Machines

CNC Lathe Machine Applications ofShaft Couplings, Shaft Brakes & Shaft Clutches

Like all CNC equipment, CNC lathe machines require both high speed and exceptional precision to function at their peak. Because they’re engineered for high accuracy machining, every moving part in a CNC lathe must be precisely controlled or the benefits of CNC machining will be lost. Miki Pulley offers a full line of motion control solutions for CNC lathes and other CNC devices.

CNC Lathe Applications

CNC Lathe Applications

Miki Pulley's Work with CNC Lathe Machines

In the example shown here, Miki Pulley SFF-N couplings are used to join servo motors to shafts. These shaft couplings are specifically designed for high speed machine tool applications, making them perfect for CNC machinery. Capable of operating with high torque values and at speeds in excess of 20,000 RPM, SFF couplings maintain zero backlash on starts and stops, ensure precision movement of the CNC machine’s work head.

High Torque Rated Couplings for CNC Lathe Machines

The high torque rating of SFF couplings makes them ideal for spindles and feed shafts on CNC lathes and other machine tools. Exceptional torsional stiffness and strength ensures accurate shaft rotation and precise control. A flexible element gap helps dampen conductive heat transfer from motors to output shafts.

Variety of Options to Improve CNC Lathe Machine Operations

A wide variety of options are available for our SFF couplings, including single- and double-element configurations, taper-lock hubs, custom-specified lengths, floating shafts, and keyways. Numerous options can be combined to give you a shaft coupling that meets your unique requirements.

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