SFC Servo Coupling

  • SFC Servo Coupling

The SFC model utilizes metal plate springs to offer high torsional stiffness, while forgiving a degree of misalignment. Using aluminum clad in a clear anodized finish, the SFC performs with low inertia given its torsional stiffness and strength. The flexible element gap also dampens conductive heat transfer from motor to output shaft.

Single and double element configurations are available. Bores can be configured with clamp, taper-lock, or keyed styles.
  • Maximum allowable torque: 184.39 ft-lbs (250Nm)
  • Bore size range: 0.118” - 1.772” (3mm ~ 45mm)
  • Backlash: Zero

The SFC model is sold in the United States by our partner Zero-Max under the ServoClass® brand.  
The Zero-Max Servo-Class shaft coupling is identical to the Miki Pulley SFC Model shaft coupling in all aspects except brand name and part number structure.

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