Ultrathin BXR Brakes Have a Dual-Purpose Design

Plymouth, Minnesota: Signals are effectively transmitted with the latest satellites when equipped with the newest Miki Pulley BXR-LE brakes. They effectively control satellite dish positioning using less power over long periods of operation. Miki Pulley brakes open and allows for free rotation when the satellite dish is panning and tilting. They snap closed when power is disengaged, holding a precise position. These brakes consume no voltage when the satellite dish is in position for extended periods, making them energy-efficient. The brake’s internal compression springs hold the armature plate against the rotor disc to hold movement. When voltage is re-applied, the brake opens and allows for position control.
These Miki Pulley brakes also act as a safety device during dish movement. When an unexpected power interruption occurs, the brake halts and holds movement, mitigating potential mechanical damage to the satellite system.
The revolutionary Miki Pulley brake design provides just one-third the power consumption and heat generation in one-half the overall thickness of most other electric brakes.
Brake specifications:
  • Maximum RPM: 6000
  • Static friction torque range: 0.044 ft.lb. to 2.36 ft.lb. (0.06Nm to 3.20 Nm)
  • Ambient operating temperature 14°F – 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)