New Magnetic Couplings from Miki Pulley “Mechanically Isolate” Shafts and Motor

Clean Operation in Mixing Systems

Plymouth, Minnesota: Magnetic couplings from Miki Pulley are ideal for food, pharmaceutical, and laboratory machine designs requiring a clean, non-contact connection between the motor and shafts.
The mechanically isolated magnetic coupling transmits torque through the air. This occurs through both input and output hubs of the coupling, which contain powerful rare-earth neodymium magnets. The magnetic field transmits torque through plastic, glass, aluminum, and other minimally ferrous materials without physical engagement.
 Miki Pulley’s non-contact design is crucial in mixing system designs requiring cleanliness and motor isolation.
These magnet couplings are clean and produce no vibration. There is no dust, debris, or mechanical wear using this coupling. Miki Pulley magnetic couplings also have a “softer” start/stop function than conventional, general-purpose couplings. In addition to mechanically isolating the connecting shafts and motor, the coupling isolates thermal and electrical occurrences.
Miki Pulley’s magnetic couplings have an intended, engineered torque limit at a specific air gap. The maximum transmittable torque adjusts by increasing or decreasing the distance between coupling hubs.  Depending on the model, size, and installed air gap, the magnetic couplings’ maximum torque limit may be exceeded without mechanical damage.  The hub simply slips to the next magnetic pole, without noise or mechanical wear. 

Magnetic Couplings Also Act as A Torque Limiter

While the magnetic field between the two hubs will transmit rotational force, it can also act as a torque limiter in an overload event. You can meter transmittable-torque and slip-torque by adjusting the distance between the hubs. After slipping, the hubs re-engage each other and continue to transmit torque. This feature produces no mechanical wear on components. 
Miki Pulley Magnetic Couplings are available in four models with different configurations, including shaft-to-shaft, parallel cylinder, perpendicular. Stainless and plastic-clad versions are available for food/washdown environments.
The basic specifications are:
  • Torque: 2.66 in-lbs. to 1610 in-lbs. (0.3 Nm to 182 Nm)
  • Bore size range: 8mm - 55mm on butt shaft configurations
Learn more about Miki Pulley Magnetic couplings on the website.