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Speed Control Devices

Miki Pulley designs, engineers, and manufactures high performance belted and single element speed control devices for challenging rotational power transmission applications. Our speed controllers allow users to adjust RPMs mechanically, without the need for electronic controls.

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See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

Belted Speed Change Devices

Our belted speed control devices allow output RPMs to be adjusted mechanically without altering the center distance of the connected shafts. A unique design and durable construction ensure long lasting high performance. A variety of optional add-ons enable you to fine-tune your speed control system to meet your application and performance requirements.

  • The ANS belted speed control device applies rotational power to the input shaft and continuously transmits it to the output shaft until the brake is energized.
  • The ANW Model combines a motor and a worm reducer with an ANS pulley; multiple configurations available.
  • ANG speed controllers utilizes a motor and a permanently lubricated co-axial reducer to deliver maintenance free performance.
  • The ACW Model delivers optimum output RPM speed via a special, compact configuration with an electromagnetic clutch and brake for precision adjustments.
  • ANB belted speed controllers is specially engineered for frequent start/stop, positioning, inching, or intermittent operation requirements.
  • PDS speed controllers features an open, enclosure-free design for enhanced versatility and easy installation.
  • The PDC Model is a non-stage unit with the adjustment dial on the motor side; six sizes available.
  • PDG belted speed control devices combine the PDS model with a motor and worm reducer.
  • A customizable baseline unit, the AHS Model is designed to be mounted between two machines or between a motor and a machine and is engineered for complex applications.
  • AHM Model speed controllersinclude a motor and speed changing device, and can be customized for superior performance.

Single Element Belt Speed Change Devices

Miki Pulley’s single element belt speed change devices allow for easy speed adjustments while the  machine is running. A single dial alters the pulley’s pitch diameter to moderate output speeds. These devices feature compact designs for easy installation and are engineered for virtually maintenance-free operation.

  • P Model belt speed change drivesuse a variable diameter pulley to change rotational speeds on the