• ALS Coupling Line-up

Jaw & Spider Couplings

Jaw and Spider couplings are designed and manufactured with protruding lugs on each hub, centrally connected by an elastomer “spider” insert between the hubs.  The aluminum construction minimizes the moment of inertia. The spider coupling’s shape and material reduce reaction loads resulting from misalignment. The non-conductive elastomer also provides electric isolation between both shafts.


Jaw & Spider Coupling Advantages

Miki Pulley jaw couplings accept shaft misalignment, offering high load capacity while maintaining a damping effect on vibration and thermal conductivity.  Each of our aluminum jaw and spider coupling models offers different torque ratings and performance levels determined by the durometer of the elastomer spider, delivering unprecedented adaptability for everything from general-purpose motor connections to demanding servo motor applications.
  • Fail-safe design and long service life
  • Transmits up to 387 ft-lbs. (525 Nm) of torque
  • Low reaction loads
  • Low to zero backlash, depending on the model
  • High torque capacity and torsional stiffness
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to install

Different Types of Element

The Best Jaw & Spider Couplings

Miki Pulley Jaw and Spider couplings are meticulously crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability and reliability even in demanding applications. Our couplings' innovative design allows for high torque transmission and exceptional misalignment compensation, reducing wear and tear on connected components and minimizing maintenance costs. Miki Pulley Jaw and Spider couplings deliver unparalleled value, delivering premium, long-lasting coupling solutions for industrial applications at competitive prices. For the best jaw and spider couplings on the market, Miki Pulley is your solution.

Jaw Coupling Product Options

Miki Pulley offers high-quality elastomer jaw-type couplings with a pilot bore (minimum bore) or a bored-to-size option. Select from four spider element durometers based on your misalignment capacity and performance requirements. All the elastomers used in our couplings provide good resistance to oils and chemicals.  

ALS-R Jaw-Type Couplings

The ALS-R curved hub shaft jaw coupling features a Curved-Jaw profile design, offering a slight pre-compression of the spider and Type “R” elastomer spider element while providing 97 shore hardness. This hub aluminum jaw coupling model offers high torque, high torsional stiffness, and zero backlash, with a limited capacity for shaft misalignment.

ALS-Y Jaw-Type Couplings

The ALS-Y hub aluminum jaw coupling features a Curved-Jaw profile, offering a slight pre-compression of the spider and Type “Y” elastomer spider element while providing 90 shore hardness. This model offers a good balance of performance and flexibility for shaft misalignment. The tightly fit spider element creates a zero-backlash connection and has a moderate level of torsional stiffness for system responsiveness. 

ALS -B Jaw-Type Couplings

The ALS-B hub aluminum split spider shaft coupling features a straight jaw profile and Type “B” elastomer spider element while providing 97 shore hardness. This model offers a looser fit for handling more significant amounts of shaft misalignment with minimal backlash while delivering a high torque capacity.

AL SPRFLEX Jaw-Type Couplings

The AL SPRFLEX curved hub shaft jaw coupling features a straight jaw profile and (NBR) Nitrile rubber spider element. This model offers high flexibility, high dampening, and low backlash operation. SPRFLEX couplings are waterproof and oilproof, though excessive amounts of oil and water may cause deterioration.
Types of Elastomer Couplings

Hub Shaft Connection Options

ALS-R, ALS-Y, and ALS-B elastomer jaw-type couplings models come with a clamping hub or set-screw/keyway hub. Our AL SprFlex couplings are offered with a pilot bore, set-screw/keyway hub, or clamp hub.
  • Pilot Bore: Less costly option, allowing the customer or end-user to machine the bore to their specifications.
  • Key/Set Screw Style: Enables a simple shaft connection, allowing for high torque transmission.
  • Clamp Style: Designed for easy mounting and removal, it provides a secure shaft connection.  It is typically keyless; however, keyways are available upon request.

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Miki Pulley offers near zero backlash jaw and spider couplings, providing a failsafe design and long service life to meet your project needs, with custom configurations available. Contact us at 800-533-1731 to discuss your application or request a quote today.