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Electromagnetic (E.M.) Brakes

Miki Pulley offers a wide variety of clutches and brakes to the motion control industry worldwide. With decades of experience, our designs have been tested and refined to deliver unparalleled quality and reliability.
Electromagnetic (or E.M.) brakes are electrically actuated but halt & hold torque mechanically. E.M. brakes utilize an electromagnetic field produced by the internal stator coil.  The E.M. field engages / disengages mechanical components, depending on type and design.
Precise performance can be influenced by certain factors.  Temperature extremes can impact the amount of torque created by an E.M. brake.  Please check our rated temperature of each individual product to ensure proper operation in your environment.  Dust, debris and moisture exposure on friction surfaces will also impact performance.

Most E.M. brakes use a single friction surface to slow or stop motion, but other configurations are available such as toothed-type or multi-disc style.  Please contact us directly to assist in selecting the optimal choice for your application. 
Electromagnetic brakes are used in a wide range of applications. Some of the common uses include:

  • Linear Motion Z-axis
  • Robotics
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s)
  • Servo and Stepper Motors
  • Factory Automation Equipment
  • Packaging and Food Processing Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Gaming Equipment

Our Brake Lineup Offers a Variety of Options

Miki Pulley manufactures brakes in different styles and configurations to meet a variety of requirements in the industry. Mounting options include shaft-mounted, and flange mounted. Power-on engaged brakes feature different armature styles as well.  Important considerations in selecting the right brake for your application include: performance (halting, holding, or both), type (power-on or power-off engaged), required torque, RPM, mechanical input and output size and type, and mounting style.

Spring Actuated Brakes

Spring Actuated Brakes function as power-off engaged.  This means when there is no voltage applied to the coil, the brake halts and holds rotation.  This is achieved by internal compression springs that push the armature plate into the friction disc to stop and hold the rotor disc. This style of brake provides exceptionally stable and reliable holding force and is ideal for long-term holding applications, especially important for applications involving battery power.
Miki pulley provides spring actuated E.M. brakes in different variants, including slim profile / low-weight designs.  Our larger standard brakes are rated up to 55Nm. The spring actuated brakes offer effective solutions for both standard and emergency braking and holding applications, and operate in ambient temperatures between -10°C and 40°C. (14°F to 104°F)

Electrically Actuated (Power-On) Brakes

Electrically Actuated (Power-On) Brakes are ideal for applications requiring quick stops and are offered in shaft or flange mounting styles. Common applications include printing, paper processing, packaging and textile applications.
Our 111 model provides a standard configuration with three armature options, and the BSZ model offers a slimmer profile design and two armature styles. Our Actuated Brakes are suitable for operation in ambient temperatures  between -10°C and 40°C. (14°F to 104°F), feature a zero backlash design and provide rated torque up to 320Nm depending on the model selected.

Electromagnetic Micro-Brakes

Electromagnetic Micro-Brakes have a compact design for use in small precision equipment such as ATMs, copy machines and optical machines where fluctuations in torque and response cannot be tolerated.
Miki Pulley E.M. Micro-Brakes are available in three different armature options, are a zero-backlash design, and provide friction torque up to 2.4Nm. They are suitable for operation in ambient temperatures between -10°C and 40°C. (14°F to 104°F).

Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake Combo Units

We also offer electromagnetic clutch and brake combination units, available in eight different configurations with torque ratings up to 320Nm. Our E.M. Clutch / Brake combo units include fully enclosed models, dual clutch and brake models, and models including a motor and reducer.

Contact Us for Electromagnetic Shaft Brakes and More

Miki Pulley offers Electromagnetic Brakes and Clutches in a range of options with custom configurations available. Contact us to discuss your application or request a quote.