Spring-Actuated Servo Motor Brakes for Motor Manufacturers

Both motor OEMs and those seeking aftermarket solutions seek products engineered for precision, quality, and performance. Space-saving designs and easy installation are also crucial for efficient machine designs. 

Precision Holding and Fast Engagement

The power-off engaged function paired with high holding torque makes our brakes ideal for Z-axis ball screw motor brake applications. Fast engagement also delivers fail-safe braking, a desired feature for any application involving improved safety. Modified and custom servo motor brakes are also available to fit your motor design.

Designed for Easy Installation

Many spring-actuated brakes on the market have minimal access to the rotor hub, making installation difficult. We solved that problem by designing our brakes with a separate rotor hub for easier installation. Attach and tighten the hub first, then attach the brake to your motor.
Our standard models can also be face mounted or rear-mounted, making them easy to install and integrate with an existing motor.

BX Series Spring Actuated Brakes

Our BX Series power-off engaged brakes are ideal for many motor applications. This spring-actuated brake series comes in several models with ultra-compact or standard profiles.
BXR Model and BXR-LE Model brakes are lightweight and have low-profile designs ideal for robotics and servo drives on z-axis ball screws. The ultra-slim profile takes up less space than a standard brake, allowing for more streamlined product designs. Extremely small backlash improves positioning accuracy, and the low-inertia rotor reduces drag. BXR-LE brakes also feature a voltage control module to reduce power consumption and heat generation. 

The BXH Model has a thicker profile, allowing for higher torque for emergency braking and holding rotational positioning. This model has flat springs on the outer periphery of the rotor hub to reduce high-frequency friction noise during operation. 

Equip Your Motor with High-Precision Emergency and Holding Brakes

Miki Pulley is a world-class brand offing high precision braking solutions for the motor industry. Our EM Brake product line includes spring-actuated and electrically actuated brakes to meet any need. We also offer manufacture micro brakes, clutch/brake combinations, and couplings to suit any application.
If you cannot find a standard servo motor brake that fits your motor design, our in-house, USA-based engineers can develop a custom solution for you. We can work from your existing drawing or develop a solution based on your specific needs.  Contact us for more information.