Permanent Magnet Brakes

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Designed, engineered, and manufactured with high power density, precision, and durability, Permanent Magnet Brakes are ideal for both motor and non-motor applications. These power-off engaged zero-backlash brakes combine high torque, compact design, and low weight to hold extensive loads and deliver higher positioning and accuracy via the drive unit. PM Holding Brakes are installed either vertically or horizontally, allowing the PM Holding Brakes to be used in applications where no abrasive dust can be generated through start-up cycles.
Permanent Magnet Brakes How to Place an Order

Precision Permanent Magnet Brakes  

Zero-backlash Permanent Magnet Brakes are engineered using ultra-powerful neodymium permanent magnets, which provide unprecedented torque density for various purposes, including servo motor, medical, and robotic joint applications. Permanent Magnet Brake advantages include:
  • Zero-backlash
  • Dry operating
  • De-energized engaged
  • Emergency stop
  • Unlimited ON time
  • Small dimensional footprint
  • Optimally designed magnetic layout
  • Easy, mounting
  • Long life cycle

De-Energized Engaged PM Brake Applications

Permanent Magnet Precise Positioning Brake Systems deliver dry operating conditions, torque transfer free of torsional backlash, zero residual torque, ambient temperature range of -5°C to +120°C, and wear-free axial movement of the armature. Permanent Magnet Brakes are regularly used within the following applications: Servo motors 
  • Lightweight, collaborative, and heavy-duty robotics
  • Automation
  • Medical technology
  • Non-motor applications

Additional Miki Pulley Brake Options 

Miki Pulley also offers the following brake options to suit additional application requirements:

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