Electrically Actuated (Power-On) Brakes

As the name suggests, ‘power-on’ electromagnetic (E.M.) brakes engage and halt rotation when powered on or energized.  This is accomplished by utilizing the E.M. field created by the energized coil, which mechanically connects friction surfaces.  When de-energized, a flat spring within the armature pulls the friction plate back into neutral position, disconnecting the armature friction surface from the stator friction surface.

Superior Industrial Actuated Brakes

Miki Pulley provides quality industrial brakes to many well-known OEMs throughout the world. Our brakes have proven their value in the industry, surpassing customer requirements in terms of quality and service life.
With a wide range of sizes and armature styles available, you may also choose between shaft-mounted or flange-mounted mounted types.

​​Industries Served

The main difference between the 111 and the BSZ brakes is that the 111 offers three different armature styles but has no integrated bearing.  The BSZ features an internal bearing for easier mounting, but only one amature style.