BXL-N Model Brake

BXL-N_info The BXL-N brakes are a heavy-duty variant of the baseline BXL’s.  These are designed for dynamic braking, exceeding torque specs of the typical lineup.  The double disc design and robust composite rotor disc provides for rapid dissipation of energy and heat.  Our proprietary friction discs tout a long lifetime as well.  The BXL is OK to use right out of the box, negating so called  ‘run-in’ time, and conditioning  requirements seen with other brakes in the industry.
The main differences between the BXL-N and the baseline BXL option is that the ‘L’ models offer a wider and higher torque range while providing additional 99V and 171V for voltage options.

  • Torque from 2 to 80 Nm
  • Long lifetime
  • Stabile operation
  • Low noise operation
  • RoHS compliant