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  • EM Micro clutch and brake lineup

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Electromagnetic micro-clutches are mechanical components that operate electrically but transmit torque mechanically. They operate by utilizing an electromagnetic force generated by passing a current through a coil to couple and release the rotor and armature, thereby engaging and disengaging the output. When the coil is energized, the magnetic field pulls the armature plate axially to engage the rotor friction surface, completing the torque transmission mechanism.

Common Applications for EM Micro-Clutches

  • Financial terminals
  • Weighing and packaging machines
  • Printing machines
  • Bookbinding machines
  • Optical equipment

Electromagnetic micro-clutches provide a swift, smooth operation and precise control of small precision equipment where accuracy in torque and response must be maintained. EM micro clutches are compact, lightweight and ideal for applications involving selective rotational power transmission outputs from a primary source.

Miki Pulley Micro-Clutches

Miki Pulley’s electromagnetic micro clutches and brakes are ideal for compact precision equipment such as office, packaging, and sortation equipment. To prevent the potential for performance issues, micro clutches should be selected based on application requirements including intended use, load characteristic, and output device type; (timing belt pulley, sprocket, v-belt pulley, or other.)

Considerations in choosing the correct micro clutch include:

  • Transmittable torque
  • Input shaft size
  • Output type
  • RPM